Guarantee for success
Below-the-line communication measures and cross media are an increasingly important part of the “marketing mix” to reach customers. They complement classic advertising campaigns and create an emotional connection with the product.

Measures in the below-the-line segment are responsible for giving the advertising campaign emotional content, allow the customer to identify with the product brand, establish an emotional connection, and are essential for an effective and comprehensive advertising campaign.

A strong brand identity with an emotional association is crucial to set your product apart from the rest at the POS and POP!

Tailor-made concepts for our clients!
No two customers are the same – each has different goals and expectations. Rule number one is a close collaboration between our customer and us. The briefing and re-briefing provide the basis for our work. Then, after thorough research, a broad concept is developed, presented – refined – and implemented.

SiCom is part of the multi-faceted scene culture and has established a solid reputation in light of successful promotions and events like: “FM4 festivals, Paradise City at Vienna City Hall, Love Parade, Nightride, and the MTV Clubtour”.

We don’t follow trends – we recognize them early on and work with them – or just create new ones – all with a strong focus on innovative technology and new media.