Why scene marketing?
For many years, the youth market was belittled and ignored in terms of marketing. Numerous youth trends were not taken seriously and regarded as “dead meat” from a communications perspective. Youth marketing is scene marketing! Today, these scene cultures are a given in our society, and they evidence huge buying power. Their success speaks for itself – companies like NOKIA, Coca-Cola, AXE, and NIKE recognized the importance of scene marketing early on and have firmly positioned themselves in the space. They have been extremely successful!

Don’t underestimate the target group – they are not stupid! They weigh their options, evaluate, and compare. Broad advertising messages without content do not reach an audience. Traditional marketing methods and classic advertising are supplemented with direct communication at the scenes. Below-the-line communication measures create an emotional connection to the product! The brain script inside the heads of the target group, which stores information about a product, is thus enhanced and updated.

Why below-the-line measures and cross media?
Because you can’t do without them! Scene marketing is up to 70% below-the-line marketing. The right mix of PR, promotions, events, and scene media is crucial for success. A wise man once said: “There are two ways of advertising. You can bombard people with a message until the last idiot gets it, or you can create an emotional response to a product.”

This is precisely where we come into play. Classic advertising provides information – we enhance this information with emotion and make it lovable. Through the composition and choreography of a promotion and an event, supported by the right media, a targeted atmosphere is created that puts people in the right mood. Only through promotions and events is an emotional connection with the target group even possible – because it is here that you meet them in their favorite and comfortable environment: going out with friends!

When a promotion or event is well planned and executed, failure rates range from minimal to none. Promotions and events featuring the corporate identity style of the customer have the greatest imact. Through many subtle details, the product and company are communicated and presented favorably. The product becomes part of the world of the target group!